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  Donald Trump could 'blunder' into Third World War with North Korea threats, warns former US intelligence chief

  美国前情报官员警告称,唐纳德?特朗普(Donald Trump)可能会“错误地”发动第三次世界大战,以应对朝鲜的威胁

  Former Director of National Intelligence says he fears 'game of rhetoric chicken' could spiral out of control


  A former US spy chief has said he fears a war of words between Donald Trump and North Korea could "spiral" out of control into global military conflict.

  一位美国前情报官员表示,他担心唐纳德?特朗普(Donald Trump)和朝鲜之间的言辞之战可能会“螺旋”失控,导致全球军事冲突。

  James Clapper, the ex-Director of National Intelligence, warned the two countries could "blunder" into a Third World War as they exchange escalating hostilities.

  前国家情报总监詹姆斯?克拉珀(James Clapper)警告称,两国在不断升级的敌对行动中可能会“错误”进入第三次世界大战。



  I am not sure that a nuclear would be a good thing. Some people are saying that people could be 'crippled'. I thought we had done away with all that.

  Like: North Koreans are 'handicapped' by not having nuclear weapons.




  I don't understand the constant WW3 threats. NK vs USA is not WW3. No one is going to want to join a nuclear war with the USA. Russia is the only country that could go toe to toe with America and there is no way they would commit suicide over NK.



  if Japan and South Korea had not sponged off the USA for defense (just like the EU),  there would not be a problem with North Korea



  Shut it you lot of Trump haters



  The logical thing to do is just leave N.Korea alone and yes it will develop and miniaturize its nuclear warheads but we have all lived with M.A.D. since the time Russia developed such weapons. The alternative would be to react to N.Korea  should it fire none weaponized missiles into the sea near Guam with the option of shooting them down which may well induce N.Korea to react with some destructive force [nuclear or non nuclear] which America would reply with massive overkill what happens then is closer to the nightmare feared. To leave N.Korea alone would appear to be the logical thing to do, though I fear there may be some vested interests and Generals in America who believe logic rests with a first strike.



  "The President has kind of drawn a red line here and has implied - more than implied - [he would] take some direct action just based on the things that the North Koreans say, which to me is not very responsible."

  True, but Trump is a liar, he has no problem with doing the opposite.




  Speak softly and carry a big stick' T Roosevelt. Unfortunately Trump and too many other Americans have no ability to speak softly.



  PREPPERS!---World War 3 is on our doorstep and when it hits you will be exposed to WORLDWIDE TOXIC cell mutating radiation from the air, water and from the contaminated food you will eat! PROTECT YOUR HEALTH AND LIFE! You Need To learn about zeolite for radiation detox.



  For  sometime now, I've been noticing how frequently the former CIA and NSA spies are on the mainstream media, commenting on domestic and international issues and expressing their opinions all over the social media. There's something wrong here; since as far as I know, there's no such a thing as 'a former spy'. That profession is a life time occupation without retirement and their 'personal opinions' are infact  official US government statements and based on the supremacy of the US above everything else in the world.  So, these supposedly globalist-liberal media networks are infact nothing more than propaganda machines to form global public opinion in line with the official US policies around the world. SHAME on the media!



  Trump has made it very clear the 'red lines' i.e. Guam. That seems sensible. I suspect any more tests that fly out towards Japan will have an attempt to intercept. Perhaps Kim should launch them into the Yellow Sea or Korea Bay. I'm sure China won't mind. In the background China and even the US can perhaps talk some sense into NK.



  Trump doesn't even speak English.



  Nuclear war is on the cards now that third world countries have these weapons. The earth is finished.




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